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About Us

Junestone is a strikingly fresh, indie funk & alt-rock band formed in 2018 by Olivia Brown and her friends Justin McHugh, Ian Aisling, and Borys Franiczek.

As Olivia’s songs recount both psychedelic and regular-style escapades through familiar yet uncharted neighbourhoods, audiences are transported through endless floors of dreamscape & imagination.

After selling out their first performance at ArtWord Artbar in February 2019, the band would go on to release their first single, “Who Cares” in June of the same year. In the accompanying video, images of dandelions, fireworks, and powerlines reach great heights in Borys’ unforgettable guitar solo.

Often compilations of short phone videos, the band's subsequent music videos have continued to feature everyday sights in Canadian cities, images of the MOON, and animals passing by.

On October 31, 2020, the band hit the studio and laid down tracks for eleven more sensational songs.

The band is currently hard at work constructing your premiere ALT-FUNK experience.


Olivia Brown

My name is Olivia Brown and I started writing songs in high school for no reason that I can remember. I ended up studying music after that because it seemed more interesting than doing something else. The people that I’ve met since that decision have completely changed my life; some of them are in my band.

When I started writing songs I was a pretty sad and confused person. I'm still confused a lot, but not so sad anymore. Maybe writing songs can help you feel better too.

Loneliness is one letter away from loveliness if you can change your mind and make a few healthy decisions. So get ready, like it, block it, delete your facebook, buy yourself some flowers or whatever! There are no dates or deadlines to speak of, just some music running around.


Borys Franiczek

Probably the hottest guitar player I’ve ever met, I first encountered Borys at Dillon Owen's birthday party. I stepped out of the car, shotgunned a beer, and walked right into the sweetest guitar solo I’ve ever heard at a BBQ.

Borys was playing in a fantastic band known as BUTTER and Butter plays rinsethealgorithm covers at all the DStocks they play. They are the ultimate air-trine-fusion backyard-party band that indirectly converted me back to omnivorianism after a brief 2-year stint as a vegan sleeping on leather couches.

No one sounds like this man and no one can confuse the sh*t out of me and simultaneously drop the truth on me just as fast. You don’t just meet Borys, you remember him. Nobody sounds like him and nobody sees things quite like he does either. His heart is made of pure, ethically-sourced gold and the songs he plays sound like they are made of high-quality gold too. If you’re not sure what to believe in anymore you can believe in Borys because he’s the real deal.


Justin McHugh

This guy is like a relaxing blue sky that is secretly a volcano’s uncle filled with thunderstorms. Justin also plays in BUTTER and I definitely met him the same day I met Borys. I’m not sure if he needs to wear pants with pockets anymore because he basically just is a pocket at this point. The grooviest, deepest feels fall out of his hands every time he’s playing drums and I can’t believe I get to witness this with my ears on a regular basis.

Once he went to Sauble Beach and he’s been trying to get back there ever since. Hopefully we will take a vacation there one day because he works extremely hard at everything he does. But one day at a time you know? This guy also likes mountain bikes and cinnamon hearts so if you’re not sure what to do with your extras, just let me know I’ll put you in touch.


Ian Aisling

I met Ian the day he was born and I have to say, as intimidated as I was that first encounter, I am astounded that the universe would bestow upon me such an amazing little brother. Not only is he a completely beautiful player, he also has a highly original and deeply insightful take on life. He was probably a wizard once. He also drinks a lot of perrier and I’m trying to figure out how he got so fancy while I’m over here barely remembering to brush my teeth.

It’s cool to get along with your FAM and I am very grateful that that’s a thing for me. I am a braver person because of this inspiring compositeur! I strongly recommend finding Ian’s one-of-a-kind music on bandcamp because it is AWESOME. Also, our little sister ELINOR is a legit funk goddess...but that’s a story for another day. Stay fresh little bro!